Project Update 07/09/2018

With the preliminary design report complete (see Project Update 4/30/18), the design team has started the detailed project design including development of project plans, details and specifications. The design process will include close coordination with area utility companies including FPL, FPL Fibernet, AT&T, Comcast and Florida Public Gas Company to ensure any area conflicts are addressed. At the next public outreach meeting, tentatively scheduled for mid-November, the design team looks forward to sharing design progress with the community including 60% design drawings. In the meantime, please continue to share your project input, questions and concerns (see Contact page).

As part of the traffic calming analysis completed, a pre-project traffic study (including vehicle volume and speed) was completed before implementing temporary traffic calming measures. After the measures were in place for a few weeks, a post-project traffic study was completed. Those study results along with City and resident input has allowed the design team to recommend a holistic approach to the City to improve compliance with local speed limits within the Osceola Park neighborhood. More information on the recommendations will be provided at the next public outreach meeting. Final time and date information for that meeting will be provided to area homeowners as soon as it is available.