Project Update 9/18/2020

Work Completed this Week:

  • Installing clean outs in alleyway 3
  • Clearing and grubbing alleyway 3 in preparation of road crew starting
  • Crews continued to CCTV the existing gravity sewer line to be lined for pre inspection

Week of September 21st thru September 25th Work Schedule:

  • Crews will continue replacing the gravity sewer going south in alleyway 6 from SE 2nd street
  • Crews will make a point repair on existing gravity sewer in alleyway 6 between SE 3rd Street and SE 4th Street in preparation for lining the sewer
  • Crews will continue CCTV of existing gravity sewer for pre inspection
  • – Crews will begin roadway construction in alleyway 6 between SE 3rd and SE 4th Streets after point repair has been completed to begin road reconstruction and clearing and grubbing of Right-Of-Way
  • Locates have been called in for SE 4th Avenue from SE 10th Street to SE 8th Street for clearing and grubbing along with Road reconstruction work