What does this project consist of?
This project includes the design to reestablish the service life for all of Osceola Park’s public infrastructure including public roadways, alleyways, potable water along with sanitary and storm sewer systems. The project will also seek resident input on temporary traffic calming “pilot projects”.

What is Traffic Calming?
The primary goal of traffic calming is to encourage drivers to travel at an appropriate, safe speed. There are multiple means and methods that traffic engineers consider and recommend based upon the speed and volume of cars in a particular area. This project will include the construction of two temporary “pilot” traffic calming projects for residents to provide input on. That input, and success of the temporary measures, will be provided to the City for consideration of additional, permanent use. Two good websites to read more about traffic calming are:

1. Traffic Calming Wiki- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traffic_calming
2. Delray Beach Traffic Calming Toolbox- https://www.mydelraybeach.com/departments/environmental_services/traffic_calming.php

How will this project be funded?
The design and construction of this project is a planned partnership between the city of Delray Beach and the Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA). No new taxes or fees will be levied or charged to complete this work.

How do I provide input on the project?
Great question! The City encourages active neighborhood engagement throughout the design and construction of this project. Monitor this website for updates, monitor the City’s social media channels and email the project design team from this website. This is an important project and your input will make it better. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US.

Other Resources:

• City of Delray Beach- http://mydelraybeach.com/
• Delray Beach CRA- https://delraycra.org/